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Single vs Multiple Images in Image-Only Links

green in color squares

red andblue in color squares

Image-only Links pointing to different URIs have same alt attribute = effective link text
Image in image-only Links is less than 16 x 16 pixels in size

Study reveals surprising details of the evolution of protein translation
A new study of transfer RNA, a molecule that delivers amino acids to the protein-building machinery of the cell, challenges long-held ideas about the evolutionary history of protein synthesis.View the entire articleOpen the article in a new window

Stretchable silicon camera next step to artificial retina
As reported in the Aug. 7 issue of the journal Nature, researchers at the University of Illinois and Northwestern University have developed a high-performance, hemispherical 'eye' camera using an array of single-crystalline silicon detectors and electronics, configured in a stretchable, interconnected mesh.View the entire articleOpen the article in a new window

blue arrow  Dimension: 16 x 13 px
new window  Dimension: 20 x 20 px

incorrect alt attributes

empty alt attribute

alt attribute missing

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